About me

Welcome to my website. I am Tuncer, an artist from Frankfurt who discovered his passion for painting at a young age.

My artistic path:

In recent years, I have developed a deep enthusiasm for painting with acrylic paints on canvas and discovered the creative possibilities of this art form. I have always been particularly fascinated by the world of abstract art. The unique effect that abstract art can have in different rooms never ceases to impress me.

My unmistakable style:

My art has an unmistakable style that is characterized by continuous changes in colors and structures. My works radiate perfection and pure elegance, and they are the result of my deep love and passion for painting.

My career:

I was born in Frankfurt in 1980 and began to devote myself more intensively and professionally to abstract painting in 2015. During this time, my unique style developed, in which colors and structures interact with each other in fascinating ways. I try to capture this fascination in my editions.

Collaboration with interior designers:

I have been working closely with various interior designers since 2020. The focus is on creating abstract works of art that fit perfectly into the creative vision of our clients.

Participation in exhibitions and trade fairs:

I have already presented my artwork at national exhibitions and I regularly take part in various fairs to present my work to a wider public.

Tuncer Cakmakci