Gallery - Insights
into my work

Are you looking for visual highlights for your premises?

ArtGalerie-TC offers a variety of impressive, abstract artworks that will brighten up your home or office. They match every furnishing style and give the rooms a new feeling of living.

Very special ideas for your home or office?
I am also happy to create works of art for you according to your wishes.



The Chocolate series should give the rooms a warm feeling of well-being.
The combination of sweet and bittersweet is reflected in the works.
In combination with stylish decorations, the edition refines your rooms…



The series embodies mysterious strength
and elegance and magically attracts every look!
The works appear equally clear and mysterious…



Bourbon vanilla tastes floral and spicy and at the same time caramel –
a miracle of nature – the variety of different aromatic
This edition embodies nuances and well-being…



The series embodies purity, impartiality and clarity.
Her charisma gives the rooms a clear line.
With their structures, time is stopped – there is neither beginning nor end…



The “Dune” edition is like a journey into the majestic beauty of a desert. Her artworks capture the clarity and imposing structures of the dune landscape. The subtle combination of warm tones, beige canvases and gentle textural gradients reflects an understated yet captivating art. This edition is the perfect addition to any interior, as it creates a harmonious connection between the majesty of nature and your living space.



As the name suggests, the “MINIMA” edition is characterized by minimalist elegance. With subtle textured gradients, usually in a calming beige tone, these works of art lend rooms a calm and minimalist atmosphere.



“Odoratus” is a true masterpiece of minimalist abstract art that captures the essence of modern art. The artworks in this series present clear gradients in a diverse palette of colors, accentuated by high-quality canvases and frames.



The “ODDOO” edition is characterized by oval shapes and minimalist structures. These works of art capture the beauty and elegance of oval figures in a unique way. The gradients in this series are kept simple and emphasize the fascinating structures of the ovals.



Each work is special and unique
on a specific topic that me at the moment
busy and inspired…